Monday, June 20, 2011

cheap Emotion Glide Kayak

cheap Emotion Glide Kayak With a perfect blend of comfort, stability, and performance, the Glide by Emotion is an ideal family recreational kayak. The ultra lightweight design and construction delivers easy handling both on and off the water, and an adjustable padded seat and adjustable foot braces ensure a great fit for all members of the family. Providing maximum fun on your favorite ponds, rivers, tidal creeks, estuaries, and harbors, the Glide is the SUV of recreational kayaks for every member of the family.

An ideal kayak for learners, the Glide features a wide hull design with a slight "V" shape for great initial stability and added secondary stability for beginners. The "V" shaped hull also aids in tracking and performance for more experienced paddlers. A paddle keeper and ledge allows for a quick switch from paddling to a hands free positions, and the oversized cockpit makes it easy to enter and exit the kayak. Weighing just 37 pounds and equipped with bow and stern carry handles, it is easy to load, unload, and transport the Glide. Measuring 9 feet, 7 inches long and 28 inches wide, the Glide is constructed of specially compounded polyethylene plastic that is easy to repair and UV resistant for long-term use.

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